FMQ 243 Is this Ridiculous


Is this Ridiculous? A 5 minute quickie podcast

I heard a great question whilst listening to an interview with Chris Voss on the Jordan Harbinger podcast and thought how could we use this to help us get our goals, outcomes and basically anything we dream of. Who first came up with this question I don’t know but it’s great to hear people sharing gold nuggets of information so freely just like we do here on this personal Development Unplugged podcast

Now you know I believe questions – great questions – are a major tool in your personal development armory and this is one to add.

If you add this to “What would this issue / goal /outcome look like or be if it was easy to achieve” , kindly shared by Tim Ferriss  then we’re on a winner.

So what’s this question Cloughie? I hear you say. Well that my friend is what I’ll share with you in this podcast and how we can take it from a business closing question to one we can use anywhere and use it to achieve the success in out lives we, you and I, truly deserve.

Talking about sharing – have you shared this podcast to anyone recently? No! well it’s high time you did and let’s increase this unplugged community.

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Shine brightly


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