FMQ 307 The Value Of Questions

So put your swimsuit, goggles, and flippers and let us see and hear what we can learn

FMQ 243 Is this Ridiculous

Now you know I believe questions – great questions – are a major tool in your personal development armory and this is one to add.If you add this to “What would this issue / goal /outcome look like or be if it was easy to achieve” , kindly shared by Tim Ferriss  then we’re on a winner.

FMQ 204 I want the old me – sound familiar

Would you let me share a another personal story? My personal story of wanting to find and be the ‘Old Paul’ again. I think it will resonate with you and maybe you will see the similarities.

#116 Can I ask you a question?

Everything seems to start with a question – Especially the questions that make things worse when trying to make things better. Confused??

FMQ 171 Curiously interesting – in others and YOU

Let me share a couple or so more questions that just assist you in staying calm when being put under pressure.
I started out in one direction and during the recording I had a mini ‘Ahha’ moment and took this in a direction