limiting beliefs

#364 I Don’t Deserve This

I’m so used to “I’m Not Good Enough” and so many feel that way but this was and is a subtle difference don’t you think?

So I wanted to discover the positive intention behind this limiting belief and I think I got it, well one of them. You’ll have to let me know if you think there are others.


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FMQ 410 How I Know You’re Good Enough

Let’s in five minutes look at a way to reframe that belief into something positive.

Come with me and muse

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#306 When Beliefs Hold You Back

I believe you’ll find this so right and you will be able to change the beliefs that have been holding you back, to self-sabotage and begin to live the life you deserve with all its richness.

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#207 I’m Not Good Enough – PART 1

This Limiting belief “I’m not good enough” affects everyone

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#156 (I) Love Not Being Good Enough

(I) Love Not Being Good Enough If you’re like me, like so many of my coaching clients, so many of my Hypnotherapy clients and everyone else :O) Not Being good Enough is a limiting belief that stops us doing what we’d love to do. I find with my clients we can quickly get to the…

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#138 A personal story – Where do our beliefs come from

Come with me and hear this story of experiencing of not so nice feeling and how I communicated with it and my unconscious mind and how they communicated with me.

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