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#295 Hypnosis, Does It Work and What Can It Do?

Hypnosis – A gift that keeps on giving

You will be surprised by the answers I give to the questions people ask me

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#199 The Wrong Way To Success

The Wrong Way To Success Maybe when we look at how to be successful we have so many ways to choose but we have to prepare for it. Are there only the right ways? Hmmm, let’s have a think about that. I love sharing a process created by an NLP wizard called Robert Dilts and…

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MaD WorLd – The Right Time To Invest

I want to challenge you to, in the words of David Coggins “be an Uncommon person in a group of Uncommon people” and that rocks and how you do that is your choice  ;O)

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FMQ 288 Let’s Re-frame Change

Yes, let’s re-examine and take another perspective of change, personal change work and all within around five minutes.

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