#199 The Wrong Way To Success

The Wrong Way To Success

Maybe when we look at how to be successful we have so many ways to choose but we have to prepare for it. Are there only the right ways? Hmmm, let’s have a think about that.

I love sharing a process created by an NLP wizard called Robert Dilts and it makes so much sense, well to me it does. It’s called the Logical Levels, I’ll briefly tell you about it. It is soo important to me because it helps me with every client I work with.

But and I don’t often like a but

I got to thinking, maybe if we turn it on its head, got a little counter-intuitive we might be able to use it as the basis of creating success. If you listen often you may remember the podcast where we talked about having a retreat to work on ourselves well this can be linked to that too, in fact, it could apply to so many things you work on or plan to do.

It’s simple, and we like simples, and like anything you want to have a great result it does take effort, maybe ‘the will to do whatever it takes’ this will be a foundation of your success.

Go on, come with me with the intention to learn this, and increase my success and get the results I want for myself.

This can be used in any context, area of your life and creates the place to nurture those dreams and desired.

Please pay this forward to everyone you know could take advantage of this and you want to increase their success in their life



Shine brightly


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