FMQ 406 Just a simple metaphor – or is it?

Something I have borrowed from my son, Joseph.

A lovely metaphor that was created for him, shared with me and used in my trainers’ training.

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FMQ 340 Enticed Away From The Noise

Enticed away from the noise and I’ll tell you how you can do it to Just a quickie my friend to share with you an experience I had while standing on the cliff tops looking out over the sea. Just gazing out there I was given a lovely metaphor that I take with me whenever…

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#216 Tims’ Metaphor

This literally is a deep dive

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FMQ 321 Having your cake and eating it

5 (well nearer 10) minutes of your valuable time to create more the success you deserve.

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FMQ 265 Stop – it’s time to grow

There’s so many metaphors using gardening to have you grow, plant your seeds and nurture etc. etc. and this isn’t one of them.

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# 113 Walking through the world -How do you do it

Question: How do you walk in or though your world?

Do you dance, stumble, skip, run, fall or dawdle???

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