# 113 Walking through the world -How do you do it

Walking through the world -How do you do it

A slightly longer Personal Development Unplugged podcast

Question: How do you walk in or though your world?

Do you dance, stumble, skip, run, fall or dawdle???

I know it’s a metaphor but let’s explore together. Do you actually notice? Because normally we don’t and it just happens and we miss it and there is so much to learn from it and the purpose for each way. All we have to do is notice and ask some questions so we really get to learn.

I have so many questions on each of these different ways and I hope these questions spur you on to do the same and learn what we may be hiding from or going towards to or something completely different. Let’s explore our life adventure and I’ll share you some ‘how to’s’.

In this podcast we can take time to learn to notice, notice in the moment or when the moments over. Whatever time or way we stop to learn is going to make yours and my life better and begin to create an unconscious habit of learning and creating better ways to enjoy our life’s adventure ( it’s not a journey – journeys can be so boring wheres adventures are always adventures)

I started with one thought in mind and found my unconscious mind gave me so much more to think about and share and I think this podcast is all the better for it  :O)

Please send in some feedback on what you learn from your metaphors or ‘take away’ from this podcast by emailing me at feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com.

Shine brightly


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