#122 No one’s going to die

The power of beliefs

I’m not good enough

I’m not worthy

I’m driven

Recognize any of the above? I wonder what yours are?

Beliefs, to me, create our morals or is it the other way round? They set our boundaries, our rules for life, of what we think we know as wrong and right.

In this podcast we dive into where our beliefs come from and the effect – especially when they are in conflict with our wants and needs. I’ll share, as usual, my story and an interesting clients story of how limiting beliefs lie beneath the surface yet effect our lives in so many different contexts.

Some will tell you beliefs, especially the ones we call core beliefs are difficult to change – but that’s just their belief and if they had my experience they would change that to beliefs’ any belief, can change in an instant!

Come and explore with me and notice what happens inside.

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Shine brightly


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