Celebrating 21 Years and Encouragement to New (Hypno)Therapists

Celebrating 21 Years

and encouragement to new Hypnotherapists

I can’t believe it’s just over 21 years ago I stepped into my first Hypnosis training, I can still remember my anxiety I felt with my first paying client and that magical feeling of being part of making the wonderful changes my clients have made.

I’ve learned so much over that time and I continue to enjoy still learning AND in breaking down the complicated I just felt it would be nice to share 3-4 of the most powerful and simple things I have learned that will make any aspiring (Hypno)Therapist’s work, results, and confidence – awesome!

They have nothing to do with the ‘magical’ processes available and have everything to do with you and how you think and act and trust.

Yes, this is deliberately (I wish it could be artfully but Hey Ho!) vague and to get it, whatever it is, you will have to come with me. It won’t take long but the effects last forever.

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