#333 How To Live A Meaningful Life

This all started with me being obsessed with wasting time and the emotions I had with time.
So please come with me and I’ll explain everything and let’s see if you get what I get. It will be time worth spending, which is part of the point really.

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#323 The Mantra Of Regret

There’s so much more in this episode that will lead to the end of regret and to creating success, joy, passion, and you fill in the blank. It’s so much more simple than you think so come with me and let’s get this into action. Because listening alone is ok (not) but listening, learning and taking action on what you have learned is life mastery.

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#308 Another Way To Put Passion Into Your Life – At Any Age

Another Way To Put Passion Into Your Life – At Any Age That’s right never too old and never too young There’s more to the past was the old title, sometimes we let the memories from the past that had negative emotions dictate what happens in the future and the now. Let’s reverse letting the…

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FMQ 374 Finding Passions Of Your Past In The Now

Hopefully, this will trigger lovely memories for you too. If you spend a little time, a minute or two, to remember.

I’ll give you a question to ask your unconscious mind to help this too.

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FMQ 368 What Is My Calling?

I’m not going to promise such ‘unpromisable’ things but I am going to leave my trail of breadcrumbs if you choose to follow them

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#256 Accidentally finding Passion and purpose

Sometimes you have to look back to see it in your future

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