#118 A deep dive into reclaiming our goals

A deep dive into reclaiming our goals

Do you get your goals – All your goals? do they sometimes disappear or do you sometimes seem to just let them slip away?

I know I have so many goals, things I want to do. Some I have started and not finished, not followed through and some I have been excited about and not even started. And this seems to be connected with this weird feeling I am experiencing right now. What about you? I know sometimes this makes me feel a failure- does that sound familiar or resonate with you?

This is another deep dive or venture down the rabbit hole of goals.

We all see others doing what we, you, me, I, would dream of doing and they seem to be doing it with ease and I’m not or maybe it’s just me?

Come with me to think about our goals, dreams and wants together and let’s find some answers. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours  :O)

We can talk about plateaus and springboards that are there to help you not a place to give up – what!?

Let’s talk about why confusion is a great thing to gain mastery and how this effects your goals and dreams instead of giving up.

I think I have a lot to share on this and this feeling seems to be teaching me something I can share.

We can even resurrect those old dreams with this knowing if they are still of value to you.

There’s so much more in this episode that hopefully will get you thinking and re-kindling, re-igniting, re-empower and motivate you to the success you deserve and can expect.

Come along for the ride and let’s scratch the surface and …………….

Shine brightly


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