#145 Imposter Syndrome – part 1

Imposter Syndrome – part 1

If you, like me, have experienced being exposed or being found out or these people are so much better than I and I shouldn’t be here – then welcome to the real world of imagination and positive intention. What!!!??

Called imposter syndrome, we all like a label don’t we? And although I opened with this being imagined it feels very real indeed when you experience it. But there’s a very good reason for having or experiencing it – really Cloughie? Yep and over this and the following episode we’ll dive deep into the causes and more importantly solutions to truly knowing you belong and can contribute in a positive way.

I want to than David for emailing me with some really nice feedback and mentioning this subject which inspired me to look into my tool box of processes and understanding that might help you to realise what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to use and change the way you feel – so a BIG THANK YOU David.

When I began this little project I didn’t realise how many times I had felt this way too or how it made me stronger too but only when I learnt and understood what my unconscious mind was trying to do for me. Now we can find so many better ways to get that intention with all the skills you are not using. Follow me over this and the next part to explore this thing we all IMPOSTER SYNDROME.

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Shine brightly


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