FMQ 212 Exciting and Surprising news

Awarded one of the top 15 personal development podcasts

Exciting and Surprising news

This episode was and is a chat, a thinking out loud and a few questions I’d like YOU to answer – if you would

and as I was preparing this recording I got  Exciting and Surprising news and here it is:

Yep The Personal Development Unplugged podcast has been awarded one of the top 15 personal development podcasts – Someone thinks we’re doing a good job. If you want to see the others – we’re at #2 by the way – click on here’s the link

Any way I want to share some thoughts about where we can take the PDU podcast and I would like your input :O) If you have five minutes to have this chat and give me you thoughts that would, as always, be awesome. You can do it through the feedback page here or email

Please share and make this a bigger, richer world for us all to enjoy.

Shine brightly


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