FMQ 214 Warning – It’s Hidden in the noise – you choose

It’s Hidden in the noise – you choose

Be careful, there is so much noise that you may or may not be aware of. The noise I’m referring to is the news, radio, internet, TV and even podcasts (bless them) and although you can sift what you listen to messages can slide through without your knowing.

You need, and I hate saying need, to be super vigilant of hidden messages. Some will use this for their advantage but even the best, the people you respect, can still slide things into your unconscious mind without intending.

I’ll give you an example of mine which hit me between the eyes but I think others would have accepted a simple, well meaning statement, that could have a devastating effect.

Come with me and share my thoughts and decide what you have experienced – maybe I’m wrong but I think I’m nearer right ( don’t you just love my use of English)

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It’s just a chat. Oh! do you notice any difference in the quality of the audio as I’ve invested in a new mike etc?

Shine brightly


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