FMQ 215 Gift or passion

Gift or passion – A longer five minute podcast

I started with the thought of just a 5 minute chat but ended diving into the ‘Follow you Passion’.

Why did it become so important to me? Well – So many people I here in the self improvement/development genre either selling give up your career and simply follow your passion or others completely knocking it saying it just happy happy people being silly yet following their passion themselves.

It’s easy to knock following your passion when you are, following it that is and it’s always easy to sell it and so many do both.

Here’s my thing with it – no one tells you what ‘it’ passion really is and how to really find it or follow it because I think they miss the point.

What is the point Cloughie? I hear you say. The point is,  it – PASSION – is hiding in plain sight and if you look in the right direction you may see it more plainly than ever  :O).  Where do we need to look? inside of course that’s why people can’t sell it and the othersthat don’t believe in it don’t realise they have it!

Hmmmmmm I can hear you think. Well have a listen and I’ll share you my thoughts and the important HOW’s. There are a lot more how’s than I’m aware of I’m sure but these are what I know and am happy to share.

Talking about sharing, please share with me and everyone else your learnings, thoughts and feedback. You can email me at 

Let’s share with a passion – Oh happy DaZe!

Shine brightly


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