FMQ 210 Overwhelming rituals -Really?

Overwhelming rituals – Really?

We all need rituals – don’t we? Successful people all have rituals – don’t they?

They all get up at early o’clock in the morning and meditate, yoga, journal, gratitude and a whole lot more and to be the same we have o do the same – Don’t we?

Maybe not, because there are many other ways to model what they do and adapting what they do and ut into your life and make it really work for you and not be a burden or something to feel guilty about.

It’s about modeling how they do these things, the things that work and the deep value of them and if you can get the similar results find ways you CAN incorporate these int YOUR life. Remember your you and not them and you have different  responsibilities. There is always a way and it’s more about quality not quantity.

Hope this makes it ok to find your own way with a little help.

Shine brightly


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