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FMQ 185 The secret of perfect practice – NOT!

And then I heard a throw away line ‘practice when it doesn’t matter’ – WOW! that makes so much sense and most of us don’t do it that I way. When you do practice when it doesn’t matter you get to use up all those mistakes and it doesn’t matter.

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FMQ 184 Warning – Things will never be the same

If things will never be the same again it’s time to take responsibility for how things will be or are. Why do you have to take responsibility?

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# 106 A personal story of overwhelm – podcast

feel free to borrow my learning of being overwhelmed and how my making mistakes was the effect of something else and not to make up the excuses that I(we) tend to do and take responsibility for being the cause of me(you).

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FMQ 183 The secret to making today better than today

What!!!!!! Another secret exposed!!!

In the last FMQ podcast I shared how to make tomorrow better than today and now we’re going to learn how to make today better than today. It will all make sense – trust me :O)

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FMQ 182 The secret to making tomorrow better than today

Oh how I love to expose those pesky secrets! Why would you want to learn how to make tomorrow better than today and then the next tomorrow better than that? I guess the real answer is why wouldn’t you?


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# 105 A sad story we can use for a happy ending

When I listen to a clients story it’s as if they tell me what’s the real problem without knowing. Not the issue they came in through the door with but the one that’s causing the one they came in through the door with. They just don’t know they know ;O)

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FMQ 181 Empathy no way – well maybe this way

I have always said I don’t do empathy, I didn’t think I did empathy with my clients.
I love compassion and then I had a thought could I do both in a way that works and makes me feel light? and the answer was YES

listen for a spell and I’ll explain.

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FMQ 180 Dooo beee Doooo

So I wanted to give you a way, not the only way, of acting As If but not ‘acting’ – being you AS IF because that would be faking.

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#104 Let’s get better with money – podcast

What is your relationship with money? Whether it’s good bad or something in between this will give you something to think about. I’ve also created two additional tracks of the process give at the end of this podcast – Oooooo!!

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FMQ 179 Let’s wallow! a short podcast

If you have a listen you’ll find out how to wallow, not get big headed, and get to your goals and outcomes quickly and easily – It’s that ‘Cloughie’ guarantee again :O)

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