FMQ 180 Dooo beee Doooo

So I wanted to give you a way, not the only way, of acting As If but not ‘acting’ – being you AS IF because that would be faking.

FMQ 179 Let’s wallow! a short podcast

If you have a listen you’ll find out how to wallow, not get big headed, and get to your goals and outcomes quickly and easily – It’s that ‘Cloughie’ guarantee again :O)

FMQ 178 How small is small – a step that is

Let’s get simple and make thing happen, achieve your goals (big or/and small) and create that reality you want for yourself.

FMQ 177 How to UN-practice – podcast

How to UN-practice – podcast

We all know practice makes perfect but it doesn’t. If you really think about it nothing is or can be perfect – it, whatever it may be, can always be a little bit better.

FMQ 176 This is literally life changing – a podcast

This is literally life changing!

A 5 minute (or longer podcast)

I’ve been thinking about who you are today and who were you yesterday and before that and before that. I’ve also got a process that I’ll explain.

What would happen if you did a little review to acknowledge where you were back last week, last month or last – well you fill in the blank. I know you will be surprised that what we have taken for granted or purely not noticed. When you do review both little things and the larger things in life, in different contexts, you are measuring and what gets measured gets done and you will end up doing more from the knowledge and maybe inspiration. What would you learn if you went back, like I did, to my early days of NLP and Hypnosis training and the spin offs from your hero’s journey? Get it down in our ‘jenny’ journal so you have a record and can then think even deeper. Doing this can lead to even bigger steps and bigger returns.

So many fail to review and become aware of how far they have come and their dreams begin to fade BUT when you do and take that inspired action and then when you review again the difference in your world will be immense. Why not make it a ritual of small reviews on a weekly basis, slightly deeper on a monthly basis and even deeper when you take time out on a personal retreat.

If  you have signed up to the hypnosis tracks then expect a hypnosis gift that helps you do this on an unconscious level and ‘defrags’ all the stay bits to give greater clarity. Make sure we’re in you accepted emails!  :O)

Shine brightly

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FMQ 175 Thinking the opposite and procrastination

Let’s turn procrastination on it’s head. We all, a generalization I know, suffer from procrastination and self sabotage and I’ll share what I do to put things off. I’ll also show and share something that will change you putting things off

FMQ 174 Act like a BLANK (podcast)

Here’s a little, if not a BiG, bit of encouragement to get your goals, dreams and any outcome.

Remember ‘fake it until you make it’? and what’s implied in that title? well here’s a way to be it and make it!

FMQ 173 The what’s in the detail

Let me share a recent bout of overwhelm and how by mixing the big picture and the details together made a massive difference and divert a would be disaster.

FMQ 172 HELP ME – I’m coming out

Let’s ‘come out’ & ‘Man UP!’ ‘Woman UP!’

What’s that mean? Let me share with you an example of someone who Came Out in a courageous way to encourage others to get help by

FMQ 171 Curiously interesting – in others and YOU

Let me share a couple or so more questions that just assist you in staying calm when being put under pressure.
I started out in one direction and during the recording I had a mini ‘Ahha’ moment and took this in a direction