#339 I Always Think The Worst and It’s Brings Me Down

Remember this is not just a knowing or listening experience if you want results and that change in your life it’s all about the doing as well.

Please share all the golden nuggets you find

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#323 The Mantra Of Regret

There’s so much more in this episode that will lead to the end of regret and to creating success, joy, passion, and you fill in the blank. It’s so much more simple than you think so come with me and let’s get this into action. Because listening alone is ok (not) but listening, learning and taking action on what you have learned is life mastery.

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#316 Unpacking Baggage – But Do We Need To?

One of them is why do you need to unpack ‘stuff’ that you know wasn’t nice? You might only get to feel that way again so why would you?
Yep! I know some therapists do regression ‘stuff’ but I personally don’t get it when I think there are better and more comfortable ways to get the results you want.

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#292 What Do You Need To Let Go Of Emotionally and How To Do It

Be prepared for an experience to deep dive into this and the process I take you through. I keep it simple because in my experience the simple stuff just works – so they’ll be no biggin’ this up – just comfortable fun.

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FMQ 296 Starting To Do Something

Yup! After a lot of painting, painting, and more painting and quite a few MaD WoRld podcasts to help us through this mad time, I have finally started something

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