FMQ 190 When failure meets success

A five minute podcast – the FMQ (5 minute quickie)

‘The secret of success is not always in the outcome but in the standards of effort’ and there’s examples all over the place that this is so true.

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#110 THE SECRET _ Choosing how you want to feel

you have to wait for those things to change before you can and the question I ask is – HOW LONG ARE YOU PREPARED TO WAIT?

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FMQ 189 Combining Hypnosis and Meditation – Do you want to?

If you only meditated 5 minutes a day, your own personal five minute quickie, I believe your life would change dramatically. I think I could even put a ‘Cloughie’ guarantee on this.


Because I think with a little bit of the right hypnosis we can improve our meditations the ‘Cloughie’ guarantee is a homey

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FMQ 188 The secret of balancing negativity – podcast

Let’s use seeing the worst – Really Paul????? Yep and balancing this with seeing the best

This started with hearing the term ‘Negative visualisation’ and with negative being in the title gave me a little concern

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#109 Let’s learn to react or act – WISELY

You decide how you act or re-act – Decide well and take responsibility for all your actions, yes even the bad ones ;0)


Do you believe you decide on every, yes every, behaviour or action you take? Maybe not consciously but always unconsciously. f you don’t then who does decide?????

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FMQ 187 The secret of the uncomfortable comfort zone

Oh it’s that word ‘secret’ because this is not a secret but it’s hiding in plain sight. What are you talking about Cloughie? Well I’ll tell you,

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FMQ 186 Marcus Aurelius – Russell Crowe – my client

A five minute quickie podcast of how Marcus Aurelius and one of my clients have come together to give me something to think about. I thought it would be good to share what transpired in my thoughts on how we can use this.

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#108 It’s time to celebrate – a PDU podcast

Why is it important to celebrate? Well first of all it feels really good and doesn’t hurt anyone or anything in fact the effect is long reaching.

Let me share a few personal stories.

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#107 The secret of hope, false hope and wishes

I’ll share with you what’s missing together with the beliefs that when adopted solidify that ‘hope’ into expectation – the next step. From here you can just fly with only your imagination being your limit and considering that’s limitless, your expectations are simply down to you – YAY!

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FMQ 185 The secret of perfect practice – NOT!

And then I heard a throw away line ‘practice when it doesn’t matter’ – WOW! that makes so much sense and most of us don’t do it that I way. When you do practice when it doesn’t matter you get to use up all those mistakes and it doesn’t matter.

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