#109 Let’s learn to react or act – WISELY

Let’s learn to re-act or act – WISELY

A PDU (Personal Development Unplugged) podcast

You decide how you act or re-act – Decide well and take responsibility for all your actions, yes even the bad ones ;0)

This will probably end up as a two part podcast because as I began it just grew from deciding how we act and deciding how we feel and to try to keep them together was just too much for my ikkle old brain of main.


Do you believe you decide on every, yes every, behaviour or action you take? Maybe not consciously but always unconsciously. f you don’t then who does decide????? It really isn’t those nasty people, the weather or the financial climate, the news or your boss or your clients or your partner or even your family. Because if you believe that then you would have to wait of the culprit(s) to decide again which would be silly. Really they are all excuses.

Let’s have a chat and then go on to me sharing ways you can change your unconscious mind to make great decisions. Yep you will need a pen and paper, or as we like to call it ‘Jenny’ journal and I’ll show you ways of understanding why you behave the way you dis and how to make better actions or re-actions.

Shine brightly


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