FMQ 188 The secret of balancing negativity – podcast

The secret of balancing negativity – a visualisation

Let’s use seeing the worst – Really Paul????? Yep and balancing this with seeing the best

This started with hearing the term ‘Negative visualisation’ and with negative being in the title gave me a little concern. Visualsing the worst that could happen, to me, isn’t the most healthy practice especially when you associate into that visualisation.


I’ve had a little think and wondered how could we use this and adapt this process into something of value. I’ll share with you, my friend, my thoughts and ‘hows’ if you would spare a moment to listen.

It’s only a few minutes and could make a massive change in your choices and the only cost is for you to share your ‘take away(s)’ with a one other and ask them to do the same. pay it forward and make a change in your life and so many others. Remember you will never know how far the ripples of change go and that’s a great thing NOT to know  :O)

Shine brightly


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