#355 Emotional Pain – Hogwash

Emotional pain doesn’t exist – Whoa Cloughie! I hear you think -WHAT!!!!! But I feel the pain of grief, anxiety, fear, and well you fill in the blank.

You have to come with me on this to explore the what and the why I’m saying this because once you get it you get to control it, learn from it, and that not emotional pain disappears.

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#274 You Decided to Suffer Anxiety, Guilt etc.

Please take some time out so both your conscious and unconscious minds can learn to decide a better way to be and feel – the way you want to be and feel.

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#238 NOT A Brain Hack For Grief

So whether you are still enduring the pains of grief or not (it tends to find us some time in our lives) I think there’s a golden nugget or two you can take away with you.

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#235 One Small Step to Changing How You Feel

Would it be important or of interest to know how to change your emotions

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FMQ 296 Starting To Do Something

Yup! After a lot of painting, painting, and more painting and quite a few MaD WoRld podcasts to help us through this mad time, I have finally started something

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