#126 The one thing that stops you

The one thing that stops you

A slightly longer podcast

Ever had the experience of doing something on impulse? maybe an Ah Ha moment or a burst of inspiration? They don’t seem to choose and come from negative or positive places/events in your life.

Can you remember some of yours? I was remembering some of mine and I’ll share them with you here and then let’s explore how we didn’t let obstacles get in our way, we were ‘buzzed’ and full of unstoppable energy.

The thing is they all have one thing, at least one thing, in common and when you get to recognize it and can replicate it we are on a winner. This may seem on the surface to be a bit complicated but if you’ve been here before you will know we break down the complicated into simple and easy to do steps.

So go on – press play and enjoy.You never know of all the wonders waiting for you  :O)

Shine brightly


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