#102 Letting go of the old you – podcast

Letting go of the old you

What does this mean? – let me de-hypnotize you – let’s get back to the real you and Oh!there’s a hypnosis track to support this podcast.

CANI constant and never ending improvement but in what direction, come with me and let’s dig deeper. I think you will find this podcast a little counter-intuitive which when we specifically think like that we can often find some really interesting ‘stuff’.

Would you like the old you back? so many clients express that that’s what they want, as they used to be and that sounds on first hearing as a good thing – but is it?I don’t think so. Why? you have got to be asking. Well you have to listen and I’ll tell you all.

I’ll be heading from the old you, along your hero’s journey, to something that will feel so much lighter, an un-burdening which I’ll also guide you through a lovely process. Then…….. as a little way to make it easier I have recorded the process in a hypnosis track which you will see the link following this podcast. If you are already signed into the PDU hypnosis tracks you will also get an email from me reminding you and your special link to acces all the previous hypnosis tracks and this new one’ #102.1 Hypnosis letting go and re-connecting’. There’ a link below that will take you to sign up if you’re not already a member.#

Shine brightly

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