FMQ 184 Warning – Things will never be the same

Warning – Things will never be the same

a five minute quickie podcast

If things will never be the same again it’s time to take responsibility for how things will be or are. Why do you have to take responsibility?  well we’ve talked before about being at cause and not living on the effect side of life and the effect side of life is bombarding you with so much information most of which you didn’t ask for and most pretty useless to crating a great life.

The thing is it’s so easy not to notice the creeping of this dis-information until it’s taken quite a hold and need to do work to get back to where you want to be. That to me is a complete waste of time and time is our rarest commodity.

Hope fully this will get you thinking and deciding what you take in and use to create the life you desire :O)

Shine brightly

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