FMQ 195 There’s no F in talent

There’s no F in talent

A five minute quickie podcast

Let’s change your life just a little bit more (for the better) -Yep this is the place for encouragement to make positive changes in our, your, personal development. Yes this can be a little scary but the fear is really self imposed or imagined and when you get to go beyond your comfort zone – your familiar zone you’ll find life is even more amazing than you can imagine!

The thing I’ve been considering is what is your unique talent? Let’s have a meander through my past and notice where felt I’d never be able to do what I do – how far it felt beyond me back then.

You see you have a unique talent – The things you do that you think are easy and come so natural now, the wonderful ability to be curious and  learn and to imagine. Put these three things together and BooM!!!

Have a listen and take up my challenge to dream, DREAM BIG

Shine brightly


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