FMQ 230 Want a free lunch?

Want a free lunch? There is no free lunch – podcast

So join the feast!

Inspired by a new podcast about the norms we have to live to and if we really need to live up to norms, who’s norms? And some personal stories of moving through my comfort zone, one of which happened yesterday. I really struggled to make a decision on something that to most would be a small step but at the time, for me, was a big step for Cloughie and what happened when I did.

This might even get you to think of times when you did something that gave you uncertainty or anxiety and…………..?

This brought to mind something similar that I remember from 20 years ago that gave me huge doubts about me and if I would cope and my struggle with the invisible barrier of comfort and what happened because f it.

It’s corny but it’s all about the first step in and to an adventure of our dreams and sometimes the silly limiting beliefs that try to protect us, me and you, without knowing what will be missed from the rest of your life and the ‘if only’.

Reading, watching and knowledge is good but it’s not enough all we need if the difference that makes the difference – have a listen and I’ll share with you the how as well as the most important why – because that’s what we do here :O)

Shine brightly


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