#111 A weird connection – in a podcast

A weird connection

They, those people who know these things, say we’re all connected and I have a few examples in my life that go along with this. In fact you have probably experienced connections in fact you may have said ‘I (we) really connected’ – If you have how did you connect?. Let’s explore together.

I’ll share my examples, cos it’s good to share, of working with connections and in one disconnecting which really had a major effect on my life and what happened subsequently. I’ve just reminded myself I have a process in the hypnosis section at paulcloughonline.com/podcast using this. One example is how I used this and got over a fear at the same time.

I will also go into more detail on how we can both explore, dive deeper, into this and the HOW we can use this phenomena for good ;O).

If you enjoy this and have a at least one ‘take away’ form it please help and share to someone you think will be interested or benefit – It’s a lovely way to pay if forward and expand the integrated field of learning.


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