#103 The secret of being in the flow state

The secret of being in the flow state – podcast

We’ve all been there, where time seems to stop, everything seems easy (even the difficult) and you’re simply there, here in the moment. When we’re in it we don’t even notice we’re in it. What’s it? The FLOW state!

But can we control ourselves to be in it as it seems such an unconscious process – absolutely! :O)

By studying what is not the flow state we can learn how to use the ‘not’ to get into the flow.

Let me, in this what was to a 5 minute quickie podcast but just got longer and better, explain what I found out about what causes us not to be in the flow state and how we can recognise it. Of course I’ll throw in a couple of general examples and then we can go deeper into where we can use the process of being in the flow  and be aware of it consciously. Then the more you use this process the more unconscious it becomes. Imagine having the habbit of being present in the now and in the flow state – Awesome!

As you continue to practice and review (remember that previous podcast) you will simply, in simplicity there is genius, change your world for the better which in turn will change the world of other for the better.

Shine brightly

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