#104 Let’s get better with money – podcast

Let’s get better with money

a longer podcast

What is your relationship with money? Whether it’s good bad or something in between this will give you something to think about. I’ve also created two additional tracks of the process give at the end of this podcast – Oooooo!!

I thought I was ok with the way I say money and the value of it but Oh was I wrong! I’ll tell you that story that had me really thinking and in a bit of a dilemma. It took my son to re-frame my value of money and has had great effect on my thinking ever since.

This is not merely thinking or getting you to think of money my way it’s an exploration of the way you think, your internal emotional value of what you do, money and richness. Seems a little deep when I write it but you know I keep things simple because I can’t do complicated ;O)

The great thing about the process is that you can use it to explore your relationship with other things or people just substitute it’s name e.g job/persons name/hobbie/side hustle/project/goal where I say money and Bob’s your uncle.

Although I go through the process quite slowly remember I’ve also recorded both a hypnosis track and a conscious mind track so you can heave the best of both worlds – YAY!!!! go to paulcloughonline.com/podcast
Shine brightly

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