# 106 A personal story of overwhelm – podcast

A personal story of overwhelm

I recorded his a short while ago, probably more for my self to understand what was going on in my life. But I’ve listened to it again and feel it’s ok to share. Share because I ask you to share and I have to go one step further, a little more personal, to show it’s really ok to share and not only learn but to share those learnings too.

So feel free to borrow my learning of being overwhelmed and how my making mistakes was the effect of something else and not to make up the excuses that I(we) tend to do and take responsibility for being the cause of me(you).

Like a small snowball I didn’t notice things happening, yet like I explain to my clients, they grow bigger as time goes by and only when they get so big only then do we need help to deal with it. The earlier we recognise things not going quite right or that negative feeling just beginning we can change things so much more easily.

Let me also share what I did to let go of this overwhelm. Yes I still have this as a work in progress but that’s what life is – isn’t it?

So some along with me and make your world a brighter place foe us all to share.

Shine brightly

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