#114 Another Ah Ha moment and I was listening

Another Ah Ha moment

and I was listening

If you have listened to FMQ 197 you will remember my struggle to listen and connect to my unconscious mind. Now I want share with you something that took this to another level – maybe when you listen to this personal experience you too may learn more about your connection to your best friend and listen more carefully.

It all started when I got really motivated to get fitter and healthier and up my game in the gym. Then a series of things happened and I didn’t see, hear or feel a connection – well feel may not be what I didn’t understand and it was a painful experience.

What happened was this …………………… well you will have to listen  :O)

Now all of this has made me want share one of my hypnosis tracks that you will not find anywhere else and may be the trigger or tipping point to understanding and being closer to your best friend, your unconscious mind and where that will lead you is up to you.

How can you get the hypnosis track – I’ll give you all he details in the podcast.

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Shine brightly


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