FMQ 175 Thinking the opposite and procrastination

Thinking the opposite and procrastination

A 5 minute podcast ‘ish (well 9 minutes)

Let’s turn procrastination on it’s head. We all, a generalization I know, suffer from procrastination and self sabotage and I’ll share what I do to put things off. I’ll also show and share something that will change you putting things off. The first thing is not to put of this process else the world will stop  ;o)

You will need our ‘Jenny’ journal to explore even better ways to put things off – let’s explore being the best putter offer in the world! I think they call this being counter-intuitive but in our special simple and genius way.

I wonder how many wonderful things you will enjoy because of this little podcast? Hmmmmmmm.


Shine brightly

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