FMQ 177 How to UN-practice – podcast

How to UN-practice – podcast

We all know practice makes perfect but it doesn’t. If you really think about it nothing is or can be perfect – it, whatever it may be, can always be a little bit better.

Practice actually makes permanent and whether you practice something well or badly that’s what you will make permanent. When you are doing this unconsciously what happens? we just get better, the good stuff seems to get better and easier and unfortunately the not so good seems to get not so gooder more – worse that is.

It got me thinking of what I have gotten better at and how I practiced and I’ll share that with you and to my embarrassment I’ll share what I have practiced to my detriment. I’ll also ask you to think of and record your practices so we can do something about them using the same process as we created them. Plus I keep it, as usual, simple in approach and execution. Remembering in simplicity there is genius.

It’ll al make sense when you listen through the podcast, a slightly longer that normal 5 minute quickie but I think the extra time is worth it and the potential difference this can make to the way you enjoy your life is immense!

Shine brightly

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