FMQ 196 The secret of making the right decision

The secret of making the right decision – an FMQ

This might actually change your life – for the better that is!

Neil Strauss, a writer and genuine nice guy, was on a recent YouTube clip I saw and I had to share this and put a little of the PDU Cloughie spin on it.

I’ve taken this and applied it to decision making and I think you will find this will make a real difference and the enhance the results you get. Because it’s based on your unconscious life values it means when you base your decisions on these values you’re going o be motivated to achieve what you want at the deepest level.

It’s a quick and simple process that just seems to work seamlessly – Let me know, if you would be kind enough to share, your results, thoughts and achievements by adding this process to you personal ‘tool box’ by emailing them at

Shine brightly


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