FMQ 198 Thinking without this is useless

Thinking without this is useless

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Deep thinking, deep diving or simply taking time out to think these are all part of personal development and all this is Awesome with a capital A. You really have to don’t you? if you want to improve yourself and allow those dreams to come. We generally have a ritual for doing this, I know I do. Maybe it’s making the room just right with music and quiet or it can be in  a cafe or library. The thing is the space doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be – be you!

But and there’s always a but………

In my earlier days of learning NLP and Hypnosis I met a great number of practitioners who studied and thought and read everything. They knew more than the trainers and their library was immense. Initially that both impressed me and overwhelmed me with a feeling of inadequacy then I saw the light. Yes they knew more than me but they didn’t use what they knew in fact I don’t know if they could even use the skills they could talk about intellectually forever. In a nutshell they did not take action and to me that’s where learning and thinking turn into mastery. I love the definition of mastery – Doing what you know and knowing what you do.

Great thinkers are also doers and that means when you take those awesome steps to pause, take time out to think and deep dive AND then commit those thoughts into actions, baby steps at first, you join the club of great thinkers because you’re going to make a difference. Make a difference to your life which in turn makes a difference to those around you and ultimately like the butterfly on the other side of the world will create a storm of positive change everywhere. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d love to hear about the changes you are making to both inspire me and inspire the rest of this Unplugged Personal Development community. So if you would please share with me at When you do you will be amazes how serendipity comes into action.

Shine brightly


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