FMQ 199 It’s a gift unseen

It’s a gift unseen – a 5 minute quickie podcast

Are you missing it ? This gift?

You will need to open up your mind to problems, issues or failures and our unconscious minds’ attempt to keep us from harm. Problems, issues or failures all seem to bring with them unwanted negative feelings and we look to get away from these as quickly as possible.

Here’s the thing – Are you only looking at the packaging or the gift inside? Because inside all of those problems, issues or failures is a gift and when we see and learn from that gift so many things happen. First the emotion, that negative feeling disappears and we get to to not have the same problems, issues or failures again.  This then spreads to other areas of your life and they get better too!

You have to listen to this to get it all and I’ll explain so you can use this and create better things for you in the future. I just might be talking to both of you – your conscious and unconscious mind. Let’s learn together  :O)

Oh! There’s a whole lot of how to suggestions too.

Shine brightly


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