FMQ 202 The BS of vulnerability – podcast

The BS of vulnerability – podcast

“Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed”


“Someone who is weak and without protection”

If vulnerability is the ‘thing’ to be and strive for the above definitions doesn’t bode well unless we go for the ‘FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT’ and you know how I hate with a vengeance that way to get what you want. Why? Because the words in the statement FFAAKKEE IITT!!!!!!!! If some people, and there are, who suggest this, that probably suggest doing it until you can get another to be vulnerable – and take advantage of it. What BS.

So if you are wanting to be vulnerable – which despite the above, I do believe is a good thing, there is a way. Let me share it with you:

First – start with one person only – your best friend – YOU and your best friend – your unconscious mind

How – well have a listen and I’ll explain all and when you get it, really get it you get to be vulnerable with others and create a connection. That connection will be true, congruent, honest and one you and they will savor. When that happens you get to have deep friendships that will last a life time.

Yep, and we get to learn this in less that 10 minutes in the five minute quickie podcast :O)

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Shine brightly


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